Randy & Wendi Pierce Renew Management Contract with EHA-Nashville

Absolutely Gospel, February, 2013

Randy & Wendi Pierce of Nashville, TN renewed their management contract with Evie Hawkins, of EHA-Nashville. The duet has had success with their music ministry with concerts across the Midwest for a couple of decades. As the couple relocated to Nashville, they embarked on an even busier singing ministry mission. Their last three songs went to national radio on Patterson Promotions' radio compilations. They have also seen success in charting songs like "Tears are a Language" on SGT and other songs; including Muscle Shoals, Alabama songwriter, Randy Johnson's "When the Lord Comes By." The couple is excited by what lies ahead and Evie Hawkins notes, "I'm thankful to have Randy & Wendi back with me again this year. We have enjoyed working together the last couple of years and I see them reaching out more and more to a larger audience. We're also proud of what Jim Brady's producing has done for the couple. They are looking forward to yet another great project in 2013 with Jim Brady and will be co-hosting a showcase at the National Quartet Convention in 2013 with EHA-Nashville. For more info or a free press kit: EHA-Nashville 615-348-8113


EHA Artists Performing on “I’ll Fly Away Foundation” Showcase

SGN Scoops, May, 2012

I'll Fly Away Foundation,Chairman, Betsy Brumley, announces this week an artist showcase on Tuesday, July 31 at the Cowen Civic Center in Lebanon, MO during Brumley Gospel Sing week. The Brumley Sing is slated for August 1- 4, 2012. The showcase will feature two award-winning groups managed by EHA-Nashville; The Davis Family of Washington, MO, and Randy & Wendi Pierce of Tulsa, OK. The showcase also features the phenomenal Three Bridges, sensational, Christy Sutherland, and award-winning soloist, Mike Scott.


Randy & Wendi Pierce Continue “Get America Back to God” Tour for 2012

SGN Scoops, February, 2012

Duet, Randy & Wendi Pierce, of Tulsa, OK recently released “I’ll Fly Away” through Patterson Promotions; and have continued their “Get America Back to God” tour into 2012. Randy and Wendi have gained much exposure through their version of Gordon Jensen’s “Tears are a Language” and it has garnered its place on the Southern Gospel Times fan-voted Top 40 charts for the entire year of 2011.


Randy & Wendi Pierce Renews Contract with EHA-Nashville

SGN Scoops, January, 2012

Duet, Randy & Wendi Pierce of Tulsa, OK recently renewed a long-term management contract with EHA-Nashville. The couple’s version of Gordon Jensen’s “Tears are a Language” has stayed at the top of Southern Gospel Times fan-voted Top 40 charts for the past 6 months. They recently sent “I’ll Fly Away” to national radio through Patterson Promotions and they continue to be a part of several Nashville-based organizations that help bring Southern Gospel music to major venues in Music City.


Randy & Wendi Pierce Perform at 8th Annual USAGEM Birthday Bash on Music Row

SGN Scoops, August, 2011

Duet, Randy & Wendi Pierce of Tulsa, OK took part in the 8th Annual USAGEM “Birthday Bash” at the Musicians Union on Music Row, Nashville on August 15. During the event, President, Mike Gardner, welcomed new members with fellowship and food. Lynn Fox of the Fox Brothers; and Sandi Shupe of Sandi Kay & New Hickory assisted in co-hosting the event with artists performing to a packed crowd. The duo performed and enjoyed meeting fellow artists, as well as a favorite, Joanne Cash, sister of the late, great Johnny Cash. The couple’s fans spoke in the past few months voting them #1 for 4 consecutive weeks on the Southern Gospel Times Top 40 chart with Gordon Jensen’s moving, “Tears are a Language.” Randy & Wendi will also be a part of the National Quartet Convention Sept. 11-17 in Louisville, KY and are scheduled to appear in several showcases; including, Patterson Promotions Radio Showcase, Thursday of NQC. The showcase is by invitation only, and the Pierce’s say they are honored to be invited to perform by Pauline Patterson. They will be featured in a Regional Artist Showcase on Friday of NQC week and will represent EHA-Nashville in a Regional Artist Showcase during the early part of NQC week.


Randy & Wendi Pierce Hit Southern Gospel Charts with “Tears are a Language”

The smooth harmonizing duet, Randy & Wendi Pierce of Tulsa, OK, hit Southern Gospel airwaves and consequently the charts with their latest, "Tears are a Language."  May 12, 2011

Randy and Wendi Pierce devoted their lives to their music ministry early on in their marriage.  Individually and collectively, they are making a mark on the hearts of Southern Gospel fans everywhere.  From Bixley, OK (near Tulsa), they sing and perform to large and small crowds alike, but always remain grounded through their nursing home ministry.  The couple was drawn together with a common bond:  their love for God’s music.  They have continued to open new doors through their move toward a national promotional level and through management of their music ministry with a long-term contract with EHA-Nashville (management) and Patterson Promotions (radio representation).  This month, the May charts have been good to the dynamic duo.  They landed at #17 on the Southern Gospel Times charts with a remake of the old standard, “Tears are a Language.”  They also have released “Steps” (Larry Gatlin) through Pauline Patterson’s company; and it is receiving much positive response.


Randy and Wendi Pierce Release Single “I’ll Fly Away”

SGN Scoops, December, 2011

Popular Tulsa, OK duet, Randy and Wendi Pierce, announce their latest radio release, “I’ll Fly Away,” being promoted through Patterson Promotions. The song is already a fan favorite and the upbeat arrangement typically gets the crowd to their feet. Pauline Patterson notes, “I have been blessed to work for Randy and Wendi in getting their songs to radio in the past. When they released “Tears are a Language,” we saw their audience widen. Ken and I are honored to get to work with them in 2012.” (The song has remained at the top of the Southern Gospel Times Top 40 chart and consistently at the #1 position for several months.) The couple notes their goal is “to help the lost find Jesus and to encourage the saved.” Randy and Wendi are members of the USAGEM in Nashville and are managed by EHA-Nashville. They appeared on Music Row at the organization’s 2011 Birthday Bash concert. “I’ll Fly Away” was released to radio on Patterson Productions, Vol. 7 this month and is already receiving positive feedback. Jim Brady of the Booth Brothers was producer on the project.


Randy and Wendi Pierce Sign Radio Promo Contract with Patterson Promotions

SGN Scoops, January, 2011

Recent EHA signees, Randy and Wendi Pierce, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, also signed an exclusive radio promotions contract this week with Patterson Promotions. The song, “Steps,” written by Larry Gatlin, will go out to over 700 radio stations via Pauline Patterson. The harmonious duet participated in the Branson Gospel Music Convention (now known as Branson Gospel Revival) and performed in a regional showcase at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY in September 2010. Pauline Patterson says, “We are so happy to make the acquaintance of this talented husband and wife team and we’re excited to assist them with their ministry.” The duet recently visited EHA on Music Row and signed a management agreement. Their latest project is produced by Jim Brady.


Randy & Wendi Pierce Sign with EHA-Nashville

SGN Scoops Staff, December, 2010


Randy and Wendi Pierce, a popular regional duet from Tulsa, Oklahoma inked an artist direction and consulting agreement with EHA-Nashville. The duet participated in the Branson Gospel Music Convention (now known as Branson Gospel Revival) and performed in a regional showcase at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY in September 2010. The couple says their goal is “to help the lost find Jesus and to encourage the saved.” They note, “We are happy to be signing with Evie Hawkins’ agency and are looking forward to being on board with her for the year 2011.” Evie Hawkins notes, “we are excited to sign this talented couple to our roster and look forward to them being in Nashville before the end of the month. It’s a blessing to be working with Randy and Wendi.”